The Art of Wet-Collodion Photography - Two-Day Workshop

The Art of Wet-Collodion Photography - Two-Day Workshop


The Art of Wet-Collodion Photography - Two-Day Workshop

Now scheduling dates in May and June. Please contact the studio direct for availability.

DAY ONE: Same as the One-Day Workshop

In this digital age of blazing fast cameras and instant photography, why would anyone want to take the longest route possible to take a photograph? Lets explore this 165-year-old process and unveil the magic of this beautiful and mysterious photographic technique. Take a step-by-step in depth look into the art of wet-plate collodion photography and the benefits it holds.

This hands-on workshop will cover all aspects of the process. Participants will learn the techniques to prepare plates, pour collodion, sensitize, expose, develop, fix and varnish. We will also examine equipment options, chemical mixing, scanning and storing. It will be a full day immersed into the mysterious world of this photographic technique.

DAY TWO: The day will be spent in the field practicing the process and learning the complexities of working on location, while addressing your personal aesthetic goals.

This day is recommended since it will give participants the opportunity to practice the process and address troubleshooting issues that arise when working in a natural environment.

All materials will be supplied. 


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